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The eHealth Research Institute (eHRI) is an academic research center at the School of Management (SOM) in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). The eHRI is committed to solve the difficulties of healthcare domain, improve efficiency of healthcare service, and advance healthcare in China in the context of emerging information and communication technology. Our researchers focus on their efforts on cultivating graduate students and publishing in top-tier academic journals.

【Academic Staff in eHRI

Professor Doug Vogel

Professor Xiaofeng Ju

Professor Xitong Guo

Dr. Tianshi Wu

Dr. Xinli Zhao

【Research Direction】

Research direction 1) Modeling and Analytic Research:

Healthcare operations management methods and theory with special emphasis on big data and emerging information technologies

Research direction 2) Behavioral Research:

Exploration of behaviors regarding healthcare IT usage and knowledge management at various levels

Research direction 3) Design Science Research:

Design and evaluation of advanced clinical decision support systems, models and methods as well as personal health systems

Research direction 4) Empirical Research:

Healthcare policy and IT evaluation and recommendation

Research direction 5) Integrated Research:

Exploration of integrated healthcare issues

Our researchers have been sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, New century outstanding talent support program, Hong Kong Scholars program and so on.


There are a number of collaborative research projects between the eHRI and top universities and institutes and hospitals. Meanwhile, the eHRI provides opportunities for Ph.D students to study abroad in the international well-known universities for 1 or 2 years. Currently, the eHRI attains close cooperation and collaboration with the following institutions:

•        Carnegie Mellon University

•        University of Pennsylvania

•        University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

•        Georgia Institute of Technology

•        The University of Texas at Dallas

•        National University of Singapore

•        New York University

•        Texas A&M University

•        The Florida State University

•        Oregon State University

•        University Of Illinois

•        University of Maryland and Baltimore County

•        City University of Hong Kong

•        Hong Kong Polytechnic University

•        Xingyi People's Hospital

•        Hegang People’s Hospital

•        Harbin Children's Hospital

•        The 1st Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University

•        The 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University

•        Harbin Institute of Technology’s Hospital

•        BaiShengKang Biotechnology

•        Shan Dong ZhongHong Information Technology Co.,Ltd

【Enrollment Plan】

To recruit 6-8 PhD students by applying during November in 2018.

To recruit 6-10 MS students by applying during September in 2018.

Priority to students with background of Computer Science and Mathematics

【Contact Us】

Miss. Chen


QQ: 1052867998