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Seminar to celebrate the 10th anniversary of eHealth Research Institute was successfully held

        On July 17, all members of the eHealth Research Institute invited graduated Ph.D. students to participate in an academic seminar on the 10th anniversary of the eHealth Research Institute in Room 425, Building 2H, Science Park.

       During the speech session, Prof. Xiaofeng Ju summarized the ten-year history of eHealth Research Institute as “crossing the river by touching the stones”. Prof. Xiaofeng Ju condensed the past of the Institute from three aspects: research direction, talent cultivation,  and achievements. More importantly, Prof. Ju affirmed and supported the future development direction of the Institute.

        Graduated Ph.D. students were invited to share their experiences in scientific research and work path to help current doctoral students better plan their future research and career development.

Shan Shan Guo

Dang Yuanyuan

Xiaofei Zhang

Fanbo Meng

Fei Liu

Yan Li

Xiaoxiao Liu

Wei Zhao

Hongze Yang

Jingyuan Su

Yifan He

Xiumei Ma

        During the breaks between the experience-sharing sessions, , the host organized some interactive games and attracted a lot of active participation. Through the game, the winners of the games were awarded with some prizes, and all the participants enjoyed the relaxed and happy atmosphere.



        Prof. Doug Vogel, the honorary director of the eHealth Research Institute, delivered a speech summarizing the past and providing an outlook for the future development of the Institute. Afterwards, Associate Prof. Ning Shen at UAE University gave advice to the students on research ideas and career choices, and expressed her wishes for a better future for the Institute.


Prof. Doug Vogel

Prof. Ning Shen

Finally, Prof. Xitong Guo, the director of the eHealth Research Institute, delivered a speech, acknowledging the achievements the Institute has accomplished in the past decade and outlining the future development direction. Prof. Guo is looking forward to the Institute's further success in the field of e-health.

Group photo of participants of the 10th Anniversary Seminar of the eHealth Research Institute