Smart Health, Bright Future
Prof. Yulin Fang, Prof. Bin Gu, Prof. Xin Luo visited the eHealth Research Institute

On July 11, Professor Yulin Fang from the Business School of the University of Hong Kong, Professor Bin Gu from the Department of Information Systems of Boston University, and Professor Xin Luo from the Anderson School of Management of the University of New Mexico were invited to visit the eHealth Research Institute.

       During the visit, the three professors had an in-depth exchange on research innovation and talent cultivation with Prof. Guo Xitong.  By engaging in some  presentations and discussions, they provided some guidance for the students on the research topics and research plans and promote some potential research ideas 

First row from left to right:Prof. Xin Luo、Prof. Bin Gu、Prof. Yulin Fang、Prof. Xitong Guo