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Academic Lecture: Career Planning and Academic Writing by Professor Doug Vogel

During April 2023, Professor Doug Vogel, Honorary Director of the eHealth Research Institute, gave two keynote lectures entitled Career Planning and How to Succeed in Publishing for Ph.D. students, postgraduates and undergraduate students.

In the lecture on career planning, Professor Doug Vogel included how to clarify career goals, how to recognize  strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve career plans in academics and practice. In the lecture on academic writing, Professor Vogel emphasized the importance of academic writing in academic research, encouraged everyone to accumulate more experience in their studies, and elaborated on the core of writing and submission elements for each part of a dissertation.

Professor Vogel's lecture was lively and easy to understand. He provided in-depth explanation of the key points of career planning and academic writing. It wasimportant guidance and reference for everyone to develop scientific research thinking, standardize scientific research writing and plan a scientific research path.