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The launch meeting of the Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China

On April 22nd, 2023, the launch meeting of the National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaNSFC's Major Research Plan  Intelligent Medical Health Management Theories and Methods  was held in Shanghai, sponsored by the Management Science Division of NSFC and organized by the China Hospital Development Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Zuoyi Liu, Deputy Director of the Management Science Division of NSFC, attended the meeting, along with over 50 people including the project guidance expert group, experts from the Management Science Division of NSFC, and program and subject leaders. Professor Doug Vogel and Professor Xitong Guo from the eHealth Research Institute at the Harbin Institute of Technology participated in the meeting.

The meeting focused on topic  Intelligent Medical Health Management Theories and Methods. The project leaders, including Professor Xianqun Fan from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Shuai Ding from Hefei University of Technology, Professor Doug Vogel from our institute, Professor Jianghua Zhang from Shandong University, and Professor Jiayin Qi from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, presented their research goals, plans, expected outcomes, and research schedules. The guidance expert group listened carefully to each project and provided suggestions for the content of the program and future progress.

Our institute's successful acquisition of the NSFC's major research plan is not only a major innovation in exploring the theory and methods of intelligent healthcare management under the background of the Internet of Healthcare System, but also a continuous exploration of healthcare service model optimization and promoting the application of intelligent healthcare based on practical considerations. As deputy director Zuoyi Liu emphasized, we will work closely with multidisciplinary cross-team collaborations in medicine, management, and other fields to strive for research results that support and lead healthcare practice.