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Wei Liu
Wei Liu

Associate Professor


2002 - 2010Ph.D.

in Electrical Engineering,

Northeast Normal University
1998 - 2002 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,Northeast Normal University

Professional Experience:

[1]2018.12 – present    Associate professor of School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology

[2]2017.01 - 2018.11   Associate professor of Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Harbin Institute of Technology

[3]2010.07 - 2016.01    Lecturer of Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Harbin Institute of Technology

Recent Research Grants and Projects:

[1] 2022/01-2025/12The General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (12171121 )Longitudinal data causal inference under measurement error interference, principal investigator

Journal Articles:

[1] Wei Liu, John P. Haran, Shangyuan Ye, Jenifer Tjia, Vanni Bucci, Bo Zhang, “High-dimensional Causal Mediation Analysis with a Large Number of Mediators Clumping at Zero to Assess the Contribution of the Microbiome to the Risk of Bacterial Pathogen Colonization in Older Adults,” Current Bioinformatics, 15(7): 671-696, 2020.

[2] Wei Liu, Zhiwei Zhang, Lei Nie, Guoxing Soon, “A Case Study in Personalized Medicine: Rilpivirine Versus Efavirenz for Treatment-Naive HIV Patients,” Journal of the American Statistical Association, 112(520): 1381-1392, 2017.

[3] Wei Liu, Zhiwei Zhang, R. Jason Schroeder, Martin Ho, Bo Zhang, Cynthia Long, Hui Zhang, Telba Z. Irony, “Joint Estimation of Treatment and Placebo Effects in Clinical Trials with Longitudinal Blinding Assessments,” Journal of the American Statistical Association, 111(514): 538 -548, 2016.

[4] Bo Zhang, Wei Liu, Stephenie C Lemon, Bruce A Barton, Melissa A Fischer, Colleen Lawrence, Elizabeth J Rahn, Maria I Danila, Kenneth G Saag, Paul A Harris, Jeroan J Allison, “Design, ana lysis, power, and sample size calculation for three-phase interrupted time series analysis in evaluation of health policy interventions,” Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 26(3): 826-841, 2020.

[5] Xuejun Jiang, Wei Liu, Bo Zhang, “A note on the prediction of frailties with misspecified shared frailty models,” Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 91(2): 219-241, 2020.


Office location:Room 339, 2H 
Research Area:

causal inference

Longitudinal Data

Bayes Method