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Min Zhang
Min Zhang 

Research Assistant


    2018.09 - 2023.02, Doctor of philosophy SupervisorAlvin Leung, FENG Juan  

        City University of Hong Kong, Information Systems
    2015.09 - 2022.07, Doctor of Management SupervisorProfessor Guo Xitong
        Harbin Institute of Technology, Management Science and Engineering
    2011.09 - 2015.07Bachelor  
        Harbin Institute of Technology, Management Science and Engineering
Professional Experience:

    2023/02-Now, Postdoc

        School of Medicine and Health, Harbin Institute of technology

Scientific Research Project:

[1] General project of national Natural Science Foundation of China717710652018/01-2021/12, 460,000Participation

[2] General project of national Natural Science Foundation of China718710742019/01-2022/12, 480,000Participation

Journal Articles

[1] Zhang M, Guo X*, Wu T. Impact of Free Contributions on Private Benefits in  Online Healthcare Communities[J]. International Journal of Electronic Commerce,  2019, 23(4): 492-523. (SCI, JCR Q1(IF: 5.101))

[2] Jinfeng Yang; Min Zhang; Kathy Ning Shen; Xiaofeng Ju; Xitong Guo*. Structural  correlation between communities and core-periphery structures in social networks:  evidence from Twitter data. Expert Systems with Applications, 2018, 111, 91-99.  (SCI, JCR Q1(IF: 4.577))


[1] Zhang M, Wu T, Guo X*, et al. The Effects of the Externality of Public Goods on  Doctor's Private Benefit: Evidence from Online Health Community[C]//International Conference on Smart Health. Springer, Cham, 2017. Best Paper Nominee
[2] Yuan H, Zhang M, Xu W. Beauty is Value? The Impact of Image Presentation on  Hospital Financial Performance in a Cosmetic Context[C]//PACIS. 2020: 136.

Working Paper:

[1] Are We Close? Examining Home Preference in Healthcare Crowdsourcing (with Guo Xitong, Kumar Subodha, Wu Tianshi & YI-JEN (IAN) HO), Working paper Under final preparation for the submission to ISR

[2] Winner-Take-All or Divide Equally: Understanding the Effects of Income Distribution on Physician in Online Health Q&A Services, Working paper

Awards and Honors:
  • 2019.10 National Scholarship for Doctoral Students
  • 2017.06 Best paper nominee of ICSH
  • 2014.07 Outstanding Cadre of 2013-2014; National Encouragement scholarship
  • 2013.07 2012-2013 Merit Student; excellent league member
  • 2012.07 2011-2012 Merit Student

Academic services:

Reviewer for Internet ResearchElectronic Commerce Research and ApplicationsInternational Journal of Medical InformaticsICISECISHICSSAMCIS

Tel: (+86) 185-1452-5166

Research Area:
online healthcare community