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Hualong (Dragon) Yang
Hualong (Dragon) Yang 

Harbin Institute of Technology
The Party School of HLJ P.P.C.of The C.P.C./HLJ Province School of Administration
China Youth University of Political Studies/Central School of Communist Youth League of China

Academic and Professional Experience:

Academic Achievement:

[1] Hualong Yang, Xitong Guo, Tianshi Wu. “Exploring the influence of the online physician service delivery process on patient satisfaction,” Decision Support Systems (DSS), 2015, Forthcoming.

[2] Hualong Yang, Xitong Guo, Tianshi Wu, Xiaofeng Ju. “Exploring the effects of patient-generated and system-generated information on patients’ online search and decisions,” Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ECRA), 2015, 14 (3), 192–203.

[3] Hualong Yang, Xiaofeng Ju. “Exploring the influences of physician’s status and feedback on patients’ online selection for consulting physician”, International Conference on Management Science & Engineering (ICMSE), 2015, Forthcoming.

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Online community
Technological innovation
online service
User generated content
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