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Wenchao Du
Wenchao Du 

Northwest A&F University(M.S)

Harbin Normal University (B.S)

Academic and Professional Experience:

Academic Achievement:

[1]YOU Liang, DU Wenchao, HUO Xuexi*. Absolute Income, Social Comparison and Farmers’Subjective Well–being ——An Empirical Study on Two Villages in Shaanxi Province [J]. Journal of Agrotechnical Economics, 2018(4).(CSSCI) 

[2]Du Wenchao, Liu Yaxiang*.New Lorenz Curve Models and Applications[J].Statistics & Decision,2016(23):77-80.(CSSCI)

[3]DU Wen-chao*, YOU Liang, ZHANG Liang, LIU Ya-xiang.A Two-patch Fish Bioeconomic Model with Protected Area[J].Mathematics in Practice and Theory.(be accepted)

The Reward:

“Absolute Income, Social Comparison and Farmers’ Subjective Well–being”

—2017 China Annual Conference on agricultural and forestry economic management. Nanjing, China. Oct

15, 2017. (Best Paper Award)

2016-2017 Northwest A&F University Second Scholarship

2015-2016 Northwest A&F University Second Scholarship

2011-2012 Harbin Normal University First Scholarship

2010-2011 Harbin Normal University First Scholarship and National Scholarship

Research Area:

Online Health Community

Health Economics and Health Policy

Running and Travelling