Smart Health, Bright Future
Yuanyuan DANG
Yuanyuan DANG 

2007.09-2011.07 Henan University(B.M.)                 

2013.09-2015.07 Harbin Institue of Technology(M.M.) 

2015.09-Present   Harbin Institue of Technology(D.M.)

Academic and Professional Experience:

2011.07-2013.07  Beijing ANBO Education Company           

2014.09-present  XUETANGGAOGUAN Diabetic Management

2016.10-2018.03  University of Minnesota  Visiting sholar

Academic Achievement:

1. Yuanyuan DANG, Tao Hong, and Zhonggen Mao. Duplication or experimentation: how local governors make policies under new administrative circumstances. Applied Economics Letters (2017): 1-5.(SCI)

2. Zhang, Xiaofei, Xiaocui Han, Yuanyuan DANG, Fanbo Meng, Xitong Guo, and Jiayue Lin. User acceptance of mobile health services from users’ perspectives: The role of self-efficacy and response-efficacy in technology acceptance. Informatics for Health and Social Care 42, no. 2 (2017): 194-206.(SCI)

3. Yuanyuan DANG, Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo. Exploring Online Health Service Acceptance from an Integration Perspective of TAM and Rational Choice Theory: the Moderating Role of Trust, Informatics for Health and Social Care(Under review round 1)(SCI)

4. Anindya Ghose, Xitong Guo, Beibei LI and Yuanyuan DANG. Empowering Patients Using Smart Mobile Health Platforms: Evidence from A Randomized Field Experiment. MIS Quarterly (2017) (Under review).

5. Jason Chan, Yuanyuan DANG, Xitong Guo, Anindya Ghose, Make Healthcare Apps Great Again: The Role of Incentives and Cues in Promoting App Usage. Accepted and talked at CIST, CSWIM, CHITA (2017)

6. Yuanyuan DANG, Xitong Guo, Bin GU, Yifan He. Do money incentives matter? The case of online health in China. Accepted and talked at CIST, CSWIM (2017)

7.Xitong Guo*, Xiaocui Han, Xiaofei Zhang, Yuanyuan Dang and Chun Chen. ―Investigating mHealth Acceptance from a Protection Motivation Theory Perspective: Gender and Age Differences,‖ Telemedicine and e-Health, (SCI, IF: 1.544)

The Reward:

2014  National Scholarship
Research Area:
Online healthcare platform policy effects; Gamification; Mobile APP healthcare management
Traveling; Swimming; Ping-pang