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Yan Li
Yan Li 

Ph.D.  2015

M.S.   Management Science Shandong University of Finance and Economics 2012

B.S.    Information Management and Information System Shandong University of Finance and Economics 2008

Academic and Professional Experience:

2010.11    Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity China &One Foundation

2013.6    Shanghai Pu Dong Bank (Jinan)

2012-2015  Access Shanghai Consulting limited

Academic Achievement:

[1]Yan Li, Weilong Liu, Fang Jin. Research of the Relationship between Privacy Concern and Continuous Use Behavior in Online Personalized System(2014). PACIS 2014 Proceedings. Paper 252.

The Reward:

2010. 4    The First Prize Scholarship

2010.9   The 7th “Challenge” Capital College Students Business-Starting Programming Competition (The third prize)

2011.4     The Second Prize Scholarship

2012.6     Outstanding Graduates of Shandong Province 2012
Research Area:
Social Media Use in Healthcare