Smart Health, Bright Future
Exploring the Dynamic Impact of Healthcare Information Technology from Organizational and Individual Perspectives

  •       Healthcare Information Technology (Healthcare IT), as a major support for modern healthcare service systems, has been an increasingly important component for improving healthcare service quality. Numerous healthcare agencies have invested vast resources in Healthcare IT, however, not all of them have achieved desire deffects. Existing literature on healthcare IT impact,mainly employing panel data, does not emphasize the dynamic process of the impact, and the results do not achieve convergence. This proposal will study the dynamic impact of Healthcare IT from organizational and individual aspects. It will examine the impact of Healthcare ITs and their interaction, on hospital performance (e.g., finance and operations), doctor behavior(e.g., prescriptions) and patient benefits (e.g., cost andclinical progress) at system implementation early, middle and late stages. Research methods employed include: case study, field survey, lab experiment, dynamic panel data analysis and evaluation for a big data enabled digital healthcare ecosystem.In theory, this proposal is expected to a) quantify the effects of different Healthcare ITs and their interaction on hospital performance at different implementation stages; b)understand the dynamic mechanism of Healthcare IT impact from multi-stakeholder aspects.In practice, this proposal will help a) hospitals to efficiently implement Healthcare IT, b) standardize doctor’s behavior, c) encourage patients’ participation in IT supported healthcare services, and ultimately promote healthcare IT to play a role with effectiveness and efficiency in hospital operations as well as personal daily healthcare management.