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Exploring the Doctor Patient Interaction Mechanism in Online Healthcare Community
  •       With the increasing dilemma of rapid demand for healthcare services but limited resources in China, how to allocoate and use healthcare resources for a broad population has become a prevalent issue. Online healthcare community is regarded as a potential ICT solution. Different than traditional healthcare, doctor patient interaction is free of time and space limitation and is exposed to the whole community. These characteristics are key to achieving a doctor patient win win mode and, hence, community development in the long term.This proposal will explore three research issues in the online healthcare commuity context: 1)Examine the impact of doctors’ reputation mechanism on patients’ choice for doctor services; 2) Examine the mechanism of motivating doctors to interact with patients; 3) Examine the mechanism that doctors balance their effort and service price to maximize their online value. Employing a Qualitative-Quantitative mixed methods approach, we systematically investigate doctor patient interaction dynamics from multiple aspects based on multiple data resources. The proposal is expected to contribute to online healthcare community literature through exploring thoery and methods related to: a) mechanism of patient’s choice for trust products (services) through doctor’s online offline information; b)impact of doctors’ social capital investment process to their knowledge sharing bahavior in public visibilty context. These theories and methods will help communication and interaction between doctors and patients, hence improving doctor patient relationships, and ultimately provide implications for allocating scarce healthcare resources to a broader population with effectiveness and efficiency.